Meet the Team Behind the Seams: Ariana!

Ariana joined Mignonette Bridal as a fitter and seamstress after pestering Kpoene for months to hire her, in 2013. In 2018 she worked with Kpoene to launch the alterations side of Mignonette as its own business—Ette: The Wedding Tailor. On any given day she can be found doing fittings, sewing, answering phones, or keeping up with paperwork—all with the goal to do whatever she can to help brides feel their most beautiful. Photos by the wonderful Meg Adamik.


1. Where are you from? Minnesota and Wisconsin pretty equally! My first ten years were in Minneapolis, then we moved to a small farm in western Wisconsin, but I spent many summers with my grandparents in northern Minnesota for years after.

2. What's your favorite sewing project? Vintage revamps are my very favorite thing. I love the sentimentality and meaning behind the gown, and I think there is something so special about being able to make something your mom or grandma wore into something you would feel really beautiful in today. I always love a creative challenge!

3. How did you learn to sew? As a kid I made some ridiculous outfits by stapling old pillowcases and sheets together, but I learned to use a sewing machine in a Home Ec. class in middle school, and learned historical costume making and techniques in college.

4. What are you up to when you’re not sewing? I have lots of friends who are involved with theater, music, and comedy, so I spend a lot of my free time going to see their shows!

5. Favorite movie? Any of Sofia Coppola’s movies, but especially Marie Antoinette because of those COSTUMES. I would have loved to be involved in making those!

6. Favorite book? My all-time favorite is Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury.

7. Tell us about your pets! I have a black cat named Whisper, and she is my everything! She’s truly one of the sweetest and silliest cats I’ve ever met.

8. Anything else our brides should know about you? I’m a fashion, feminism, story nerd and all of those passions shape how I see my work with brides; I want to make you feel more beautiful than you could have imagined and help shape the story of this special day!