Let’s Get started!

Please note, that to ensure our highest quality work and customer experience, we are currently only accepting clients with weddings July 15, 2019 or later.

Email info@ettetailor.com with some days and times you are available as well as your wedding date to set up your initial appointment!

We recommend booking your initial appointment about 3 months before your wedding or when you will be leaving town for the wedding.

 All initial appointments require a $50 deposit with booking, which will be credited to your overall cost if you choose to proceed with alterations with us at that time.

We are happy to accommodate earlier consultations for an additional fee of $50.

Our hours are 10-7 Tuesday-Friday and 10-6 on Saturdays. Appointments are 45 minutes to an hour long, and we are located at 1747 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL 60657.

Make sure to have shoes of the same sole and heel height that you plan to wear for the wedding at your first fitting, as well as any particular shapewear you are planning to wear, as this can change the fit of the gown. 

More than 50% of our pricing falls within the $300-700 range, depending on the style of gown and scope of work. We will give you a final estimate at your first fitting once we see you and the gown in person. We will schedule your second and third fittings at your initial appointment. 

We recommend bringing 1-2 people maximum to your fittings. We are a small boutique and it can get crowded rather quickly. We also find that bringing the same person you trust to each fitting is best--having too many opinions can be more confusing than helpful.

We are unable to accomodate children and animals for safety reasons.

Please check out our FAQ for more information.

We so look forward to working with you!