Preserving Traditions 

Taking a vintage gown that has personal meaning and transforming it into something that fits your body and style can make your wedding day extra special! We love reworking gowns that have been in the family for generations to feel a little more modern, while keeping their original integrity intact. Usually this is also a cost-effective way to have a beautiful gown that holds extra meaning, but do keep in mind that, depending on the amount of work to be done, these can cost close to the price of a new dress, generally between $500-$1000. For a complete custom redesign of the gown, we recommend working with the designer of Mignonette.

Don't want the full vintage gown but want an element of your heritage incorporated into your look? Many brides choose to have us transform their mother's or grandmother's veil into a more modern piece. Bring the veil to your initial alterations fitting to discuss possible options with us.


" My daughter wanted to wear the same dress that her mother, aunt and grandmother had originally worn 65 years ago...From first meeting when Kpoene talked to my daughter and really listened...[She] knew how to bring my daughter's dream dress come true." 

— Cristina L.

"[They] did an absolutely phenomenal job taking my mom's wedding dress from the 70s and making it both modern and classic. The best part was how happy it made my mom that I was able to wear the same dress as she wore with my dad almost 40 years ago." 

— Lorraine B.