Meet the Team Behind the Seams: Moriah

Moriah joined the team a year ago for the busy wedding season, and we knew she was the perfect fit immediately. You'll be seeing more of this talented fitter and seamstress this summer as she's joining the team full-time! She's the youngest member of our team, but she has packed in a truly impressive amount of experience in her years, having run her own alterations and dance costume design company for years. Her creativity and enthusiasm for sewing is contagious, and we are so lucky to have her on our team! Thanks to Meg Adamik for the beautiful photos!


1.   Where are you from?  St.Louis, MO (specifically Florissant, MO)

2. What's your favorite sewing project? My favorite projects to sew are custom formal gowns, usually for my sister, who is an Opera singer.

3. How did you learn to sew?  I learned when I was 15 years old. I used to have my mother make the designs that I drew up. She was so busy, raising 4 girls, so I  decided that I would learn myself. I took a sewing class in high school, where I learned the basics and from there I never stopped learning. For college I attended Columbia College Chicago for Costume Design, where I furthered my studies in design and sewing. I branched off into bridal as my college friends started to get married and wanted to custom make gowns.

4. What are you up to when you’re not sewing? I get asked this question a lot and it is very difficult for me to answer. Sewing is my favorite hobby as well as my job. When I am not sewing I am usually thinking about what I want to sew next or looking up ideas and new fashions. I fill the rest of my free time with cooking, watching the new Netflix series, or spending time with my cat and loved ones.

5. Favorite movie? Benny and Joon. It has been my favorite movie since I was a kid.

6. Favorite book? Fahrenheit 451. I couldn’t put it down.

7. Tell us about your pets! Or a favorite animal! I have an adorable cat named, Bennet. She is named after the Bennet family from Pride and Prejudice. She is the most social and sassy cat that I have ever met but she is a delight to have as a pet and feline friend. I also have a list of all the crazy pets I have had growing up. (duck, chinchilla, ferret, hedgehogs, turtles, snake, rabbit, hamster, hermit crabs, many cats and many dogs (one whom had puppies) and of course fish)  

8. Anything else our brides should know about you? I come from a family of seamstresses. My grandmother attended Vogue Fashion School in Evanston, IL a long time ago. I never knew her personally, but she was also a seamstress and made and altered wedding gowns. Her other granddaughter, my cousin, has also made wedding gowns and is a fashion designer in Chicago. We both returned to my grandmother’s roots and continued her legacy without even knowing it.