Ask an Ette Bride: Milan!

Milan was truly an Ette bride from the beginning—before we even officially opened she knew she wanted to work with us and came to our opening party! We know you’ll love her radiant personality and and honest advice about her wedding planning experience. We were blown away by how she was able to combine a colorful tropical vibe with such moody, timeless romance, aided by Lee Forrest’s gorgeous florals! The Maitland Art and History Museum was the perfect setting, and Lumiere and Love captured their do so beautifully. Thanks for choosing to work with us Milan—you’re a true gem!!

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1. Tell us a bit about your wedding! Venue, vibe, how many people? 

My wedding was really low-key. All I cared about was my sisters being involved, my dress, the food and the man. I was on the edge of eloping or cancelling and just doing a photoshoot the whole time. 

2. What do you wish someone had told you when you first started planning the wedding?

Price eeeeeeeeeverything out so you can make informed decisions and so you don't get stuck with something you don't want or so you don't realize something you did want was of equal value. 

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3. What was your best splurge/investment for the big day? 

It was the food. I used to be a vegetarian for almost 5 years and my mom is a pescatarian and people come in and out of fad and yo-yo diets all the time and I didn't want to hear anything about somebody not being able to get full/I didn't want to hear anything in general ;)

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4. Tell us about your gown! 

My gown was a Jenny Yoo Hathaway gown, I found it brand new with tags on tradesy. I think it lost a button or two in transit and it was about a size or so too big but it was also only $200 vs. the nearly $2,000 I almost paid at the bridal shop. Always shop around. If you're weird about getting something used, girls buy dresses prematurely all the time and need to offload them. Just look. 

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5. What was the biggest surprise to you about the gown purchasing and alterations process?

How easy it was. I was working out and doing keto on the road to the wedding and was nervous about being too small or being too big for the dress once it was cut. Ariana was super patient and helpful. They held the dress for me, for about a month or so past the last time they cut it as a just in case. 

6. What was your favorite change we made to the gown?

POCKETS!! I had zero intention of memorizing my vows and was able to put my cell phone in my pocket so I could read them off. 

7. Any other tips for future brides?

I know it's cliche as hell but just chill. It's going to happen or it's not. There's no use in freaking out about anything. Nobody is productive when they're freaking out or the work they do is full of holes and errors. Sit down at the beginning of the planning process make a spreadsheet google doc, make a tab for budget, make a tab for payments made, payments outstanding, points of contact, guest list, then split your months into quarters with time appropriate to-do's. It's a real pain to do initially but my suggestion is to look up about 10 different sites' wedding timelines so you get differing ideas on what is important. The minutiae falls into place after you've organized your thoughts this way. Voila, you've planned a wedding and probably only need a day of coordinator. 

Lastly, don't compromise with anybody who isn't a part of the actual marriage. Yeah, mom wants to invite her friend that you've never really seen it for but is mom paying? If no, tell her no. Nobody needs an explanation. Don't spread yourself thing trying to appease others. If it's becoming too stressful, elope and you can always take gorgeous pictures with your hubby with a pro. 

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