Ask an Ette Bride: Taylor!

Early this year we were lucky enough to have Meg Adamik photograph our final fitting with one of our most delightful brides Taylor, in her Alexandra Grecco gown she had found from Alice in Ivory.

As one of our very first Ette brides, who even attended our opening launch party, Taylor truly is the quintessential Ette bride—sentimental but a little nontraditional, interested in standing out, supporting small women-owned businesses, and above all FUN as is clear from the photos of her jumping into the pool at her reception in her gown!! Her gorgeous Costa Rican wedding to her lovely husband Luke is truly the stuff of dreams, and we are so grateful she shared her gorgeous photos from Sylvia Guardia of their big day! Scroll through to read about Taylor’s experiences with planning her wedding, and see photos of the fitting to real wedding process!

1. Tell us a bit about your wedding! Venue, vibe, how many people?

We got married in Tamarindo, Costa Rica on our 10th year anniversary (also national beer day ️). It was at Casa Bali, a villa looking over the ocean that we stayed in with all the bridal party and their significant others. This place was jaw dropping with 2 infinite pools, set on a cliff looking over the Pacific Ocean. My now husband and I are both considered quite nerdy, our wedding was based loosely on Lord of the Rings. Nothing LARP’y, just tones of ivory, shades of green, driftwood and lanterns with a touch of music from our favorite books turned into film. We had 70 people join us for this adventure and every single one of them fell in love with the country,  regardless of their hesitations to travel so far. The ceremony with the sunset behind us and all of our loved one’s present will be everlasting in our memory. The infinite pool that we feasted around, come late night, was now our dance floor. Everyone from the groom, groomsmen, bridesmaids, friends, family and finally the bride jumped in!!!  The entire day was one that can not ever be topped for us!!! 

2. What do you wish someone had told you when you first started planning the wedding?

It’s fast. The is so fast. Just enjoy every moment, things will go wrong but it won’t matter. Your one and only focus is the live that’s surrounding you. 

3. What was your best splurge/investment for the big day? 

  The idea of a destination wedding and a baller villa. All of our guests were so impressed 
4. Tell us about your gown! 

My gown was flowy, light, elegant and sexy.  It’s hard to get all of those words into one gown but it happened and Ariana ensured it!!! 

5. What was the biggest surprise to you about the gown purchasing and alterations process?

The gown took some finding and ended up being over my budget... which I feel like that happens far more often than not, but sometimes you splurge.  The alteration process was wonderful. I was nervous, no clue what to expect and obviously worried a mistake could be made. Ariana was so calming, professional and friendly, but most of all passionate. She makes you feel unique and understands where each bride is coming from. That’s talent and she makes it “seam” effortless. 

6. What was your favorite change we made to the gown?

The slit!!! It made the gown “me” and looked beautiful in the tropical pictures. I was a bit hesitant given the style of my dress but Ariana believed it would look stunning and it was. 

7. Any other tips for future brides?

It’s exhausting. The work pays off and the memories are worth it.