Meet the Team Behind the Seams: Eva!

We were so lucky to have Eva join us this year! Her years of experience running the alterations department at Bloomingdale’s has been such a great addition to the team. Her attention to detail, passion for all things fashion-related and all of her exquisite hand made outfits have made her an irreplaceable fixture in our workroom!


1.Where are you from? Presov, Slovakia              

2. What's your favorite sewing project? I love to create outfits from scratch and finish them with the absolute best quality. In the 70s I ripped up my mother’s favorite dress, which I didn’t know at the time because she never wore it, saving it for special occasions, and I made these beautiful silk turquoise wide-legged pants out of it! I wore the pants all the time and got lots of compliments, and my mom forgave me because she agreed they looked great.                                    

3. How did you learn to sew? As a little girl I started sewing for my dolls. When I was a teenager, my family had a tailor we would have make us special custom clothes, but she never wanted to make it very fitted, so I learned from her how to do it myself. I was always very interested in fashion and looking good.

4. What are you up to when you’re not sewing? I am up to many things. I am very curious and I always love to learn new things, always improving. I love watching historical or nature documentaries, rollerblading, swimming, cooking, baking, listening to all types of music, and sewing for myself!

5. Favorite movie? Sound of Music

6. Favorite book? I don’t have time to read books these days. All information you can find these days on websites.

7. Tell us about your pets! Or a favorite animal? Love cats and dogs. But I love all animals.

8. Anything else our brides should know about you? I love clothes and fashion. I have a good taste for fashion.  I always wants to do a good quality of work.